Graduate School of Medical Science
Associate Professor  Dr. Yasuaki Shirayoshi

Poster Display Booth:  C-29
Presentation Date: May 10 (Fri)  14:10 ~ 14:40        Presentation Venue: ACA-4
Title: Development of the biological pacemaker derived from pluripotent stem cells
Abstract: Cardiac pacemaker cells are extracted from differentiating pluripotent stem cells. We demonstrate the potential of pacemaker cells to act as a rate-responsive biological pacemaker and for future regenerative medicine to bradycardia.
Outlines/Features of Research
Development of biological pacemaker is a potential treatment for bradyarrhythmias. Goal of this study is to develop a method of identifycation and characterization of pacemaking cells derived from pluripotent stem cells like ES and iPS cells. We have established the technique to isolate HCN4+ pace-making cells derived from novel ES cells carrying GFP repoter gene at HCN4 locus.
Differences with Conventional/Competitive Technologies
The progress of biological pacemakers has been made with viral vectors and adult human mesenchymal stem cells as delivery systems, no approach to biological pacemaking has been to utilize the HCN4 gene or HCN4 positive cardiac pacemaker cells. Here we have established the HCN4 based biological pacemaker cells with the potential to act as a rate-responsive biological pacemaker.
Expected Applications
A potential treatment for bradyarrhythmias. Drug screening system for heart disease.
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86Nishicho, Yonago, Tottori, 6838503, Japan
Tel: 81-859-38-6445
1981-1986 Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
1986 Awarded the degree of PhD.
1991-1998 Assistant Professor, National Institute of Genetics
1998-2006 Associate Professor, Tottori University
2006-Present Associate Professor, Graduate Scool of Medical Science, Tottori University
Mian Research Subject: Regenerative medicine in Cardiology
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