Laboratory of Stem Cell Cultures
Postdoctoral fellow  Dr. Masaki Kinehara

Poster Display Booth:  G-13
Presentation Date: May 8 (Wed)  14:50 ~ 15:20        Presentation Venue: ACA-8
Title: Screening for compounds using hiPS cells and a chemically defined serum-free culture
Abstract: Using hiPS cells and a growth factor defined serum-free medium hESF9, chemical library were screened. We found a molecule which regulates undifferentiated state of hES/iPS cells.
Outlines/Features of Research
The self-renewal of human pluripotent stem (hPS) cells has been reported to be supported by FGF-2. However, downstream signaling of FGF-2 has not yet been clearly understood. We screened a kinase inhibitor library to understand FGF-2-related molecular mechanisms regulating self-renewal of hPS cells, and found that FGF-2-induced PKC regulates the hPS cell self-renewal and differentiation.
Expected Applications
This study found a mechanism to control the undifferentiated state of human ES/iPS cells. This finding may contribute to the culture method for large-scale production of the human ES/iPS cells.
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2009 Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kobe University,Awarded the degree of PhD (Doctor of Agriculture).
2009-Present Postdoctoral fellow, National Institute of Biomedical Innovation.
Main Reserch subject: Study on mechanism of human ES/iPS cell self-renewal and differentiation
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